Gelato Print On Demand Reviews 2022- Is It Good To Use?

Gelato Print On Demand

The print-on-demand industry is growing. Therefore, it’s unquestionably a business area worth exploring a little further. The market for print-on-demand is actually predicted to grow to $10,810 million by 2027. Between now and then, that represents a projected growth of nearly 34% annually.

Do you need a printing partner to expand your print-on-demand company? Though it may not be as well-known as Printify or Printful, gelato is becoming more popular.

Let’s get started with our thorough review of gelato for today!

What Is Gelato?

Regarding wall art (posters, framed posters, canvases, acrylic, aluminum, and wood prints), calendars, and cards, Gelato has the widest and deepest portfolio of any Print on Demand company. They provide all the standard products (t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, tank tops, long sleeves, sportswear, sweatshirts, and more) under the apparel category.

Products available in gelato include:

  • Apparel: T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, kids’ apparel, baby clothes, tank tops, eco-conscious collection
  • Wall Art: posters, framed posters, canvases, acrylic, aluminum, wood print
  • Mugs
  • Tote Bags
  • Photobooks
  • calendars, greeting cards, notebooks, etc.

And soon adding new product categories with wallpaper, phone cases, etc.

Pros And Cons Of Gelato


  • It’s free and quick to sign up for a Gelato account
  • Gelato’s Design Editor is super easy to use
  • It uses locally sourced print solutions to limit your carbon footprint
  • You benefit from a generous 30-day free Gelato+ trial
  • You can sign up and start ordering custom products without an online store


  • You must register for Gelato+ if you want access to high-quality stock photos.
  • Gelato provides volume-based discounts, but these are only available once you’ve made a minimum of $5,000 in monthly sales.
  • There’s no phone support

Gelato Review: Account And Setup

The process of creating an account is free. You simply need to create an account with an email address and password; there is no minimum order requirement or prepayment necessary. You can do this using your Apple, Google, Facebook, or email address logins.

After that, you can link your online store and your Gelato account. Getting connected is as easy as downloading the Gelato app and following the directions. Shopify, Etsy, Wix, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and BigCommerce can all be integrated with Gelato. If you have programming experience, you can also connect to any other platform using the Gelato/OrderDesk integration or, if you don’t, you can integrate your online store with Gelato using the API.

Gelato Review: Pricing

Using Gelato is free; you only have to pay for the items that your customers order. If you make no sales, you owe nothing because there is no monthly fee. When a customer’s sales reach a certain level, Gelato offers volume discounts to help them save. Depending on the monthly sales volume, discounts can range from 5% to 16%.

Each article of clothing costs between $8 and $25. You can expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $88 for non-clothing items. Shipping costs are not included in gelato prices. Products will be fulfilled as close to your customer as possible thanks to Gelato’s global network of printers. This speeds up production and delivery so that your customers receive their orders sooner. Additionally, you lessen your carbon footprint, which is advantageous for the environment.

Gelato+ was just introduced by Gelato. You can access: it for $7.99/month (paid annually)

  • Premium apparel mockups
  • Premium wall art mockups
  • Product personalization
  • Graphic images and image filters
  • Access to over 1 million royalty-free Shutterstock files to use on your products
  • Fulfillment automation with live shipping rates
  • One-click product expansion
  • Automatic file upload for personalized orders

Five users are included across ten stores in the plan. A 30-day free trial is offered.

Gelato Review: Order Management

You’ll notice a dropdown menu on the left side of your screen after creating a Gelato account. You can manage all of your orders from here.

In more detail, you can connect to additional eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay, etc., and view your orders and billing. Analytics on order numbers, sales figures, printing expenses, orders by nation (by day, week, and month), etc. are also included. It is an easy way to manage your print-on-demand orders and is simple to use. Real-time updates on the status of your orders are also available.

At this point, it’s also important to point out that Gelato collaborates with a variety of shipping companies, such as DHL, FedEx, Parcelforce, RoyalMail, UPS, etc. On shipped items, however, Gelato doesn’t provide personalized packaging. Although all packaging is currently standardized, this might be possible in the future. Unfortunately, this also means that you are unable to include thank-you cards or business cards inside of orders.

Gelato Review: Payment And Billing

VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, and other well-known credit cards are accepted for making purchases at Gelato. Also available is invoice payment. Additionally, a large number of currencies, including US dollars, British pounds, and euros, are supported by the platform.

Additionally, you can fund your account with prepaid funds, which you can then use to settle any outstanding balances. When your balance falls too low, you can also set up automatic top-ups. If you want to hasten the payment process, this is helpful.

Gelato Review: Customer Support

You can use its website of Gelato to access a helpful online help section. There are many self-help resources available here on subjects like “Getting Started,” “Products & design,” “Integrations,” etc. Among the interesting guides are 3 ways to grow your print-on-demand business and 6 steps to starting a print-on-demand business.

You can reach Gelato’s customer service staff by email or live chat anytime if you have a more specific need. Getting Started with Shopify, Getting Started with Etsy, and other topics are covered in blog posts as well.

Some Customer Review On Gelato

  • “I heartily endorse Gelato because of their consistently high-quality products, quick shipping, seamless integrations, and gracious customer service. Customers consistently give me five stars; I appreciate you, Gelato!”
  • “Superior customer care. So far, I am satisfied with the outcomes and the workflow. Gelato is without a doubt something I’d advise.”
  • “I enjoy how simple it is for me to work with gelato. The prints and posters I ordered were surprising of high quality.”
  • “Compared to other POD businesses, shipping is extremely quick. Additionally, effective customer service. The product variety is where there is the most need. Would adore it if they could add more products to better compete with the other significant POD businesses.”
  • “Since I’ve been using it for a month, I can say without a doubt that it meets all of my expectations and never fails.”

Alternatives To Gelato

If Gelato doesn’t seem like the right printing partner for you, take a look at these other options.


Our readers should use Printful, which is the best POD service. It surpasses other businesses, which is why we like it. Additionally to a wide range of products, they also provide branding and design services. You can use their warehousing services as well if your brand develops to the point where you’d like to keep some inventory on hand for quicker fulfillment. For consistency and quality, Printful is worth the extra money paid per item.


Another option if you want a range of goods and printing technologies is GearLaunch. You can accept international orders just like Gelato since both platforms deliver to a wide range of nations. The limitation of GearLaunch’s integration to Shopify stores makes it a disadvantage. Printful or Printify will work better for you if you use another platform.


Another well-known name in POD is Printify. It resembles both Printful and Gelato. The main distinction is that Printify provides a wider range of products. A global network of print service providers will be available to you. For your e-commerce business, Printify might be the best option if you want more options or want to benefit from embroidery.


What about turnaround times?

It depends on what you’re making and where you’re shipping it; for instance, Gelato estimates that it takes 1-4 days to create orders for posters, canvases, and frames. After that, shipping takes 1-4 business days, and delivery times vary depending on the carrier you choose. The website for Gelato also notes that due to the ongoing global pandemic, delivery times may differ.

Does Gelato have an affiliate program?

The good news is that you can submit an application to become a Gelato affiliate. Gelato is seeking creators, businesspeople, print-on-demand specialists, bloggers, and vloggers who can aid in the promotion of its software. Applications must have an active website with a loyal following to which they can distribute original content, and commissions can reach 15%.

How does Print On Demand work?

In a nutshell, print on demand is an order fulfillment strategy that is perfect for custom printing products. Furthermore, only after a customer of yours makes a purchase are these goods produced. Therefore, you won’t have to pay for items until after you’ve sold them. Consequently, you won’t have to shell out cash for upfront inventory or storage.

The Bottom Line

Gelato is a good choice. We appreciate that there is a free option. As a result, you have nothing to lose by trying it out and seeing if it suits your needs.

Are you a current or former user of Gelato Print on Demand? If so, kindly think about posting a review of your encounter here.

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