How to Print 4×6 Photos from iPhone? Guide 2023

Print 4x6 Photos from iPhone

In this article, we will give you a quick rundown on how to print 4×6 photos from iPhone easily and effortlessly.

Do you want to print a ton of the pictures you have on your iPhone? It’s possible that you want to print some pictures for your wall or create a photo book.

With its cutting-edge camera, the iPhone is a very well-liked gadget that enables users to take pictures of the highest quality. Because of the iPhone’s stellar reputation, a significant portion of the population actually wants one.

This tool makes it possible for amateur photographers of any skill level to capture steady, vivid, and vibrant images that can compete with those taken by experienced photographers. To learn our step-by-step instructions, continue reading.

How to Print 4×6 Photos from iPhone? Step By Step

There are two ways to print 4×6 iPhone photos: manually (using AirPrint and a printer that supports AirPrint or Apple Print) or digitally (using printing services or apps). Simply follow these instructions if you prefer to DIY.

  1. Make sure your printer, like this wireless Brother printer, scanner, and copier in one, is AirPrint compatible. Also available is the wireless Victure photo printer, which includes 40 free photo papers. Here you can see if your printer supports AirPrint.
  2. Open the app (e.g. Your Photos app).
  3. The print button can be found by tapping the app’s share button.
  4. Click the “Select Printer” option. Choose a printer device that supports AirPrint after that.
  5. Change the options, such as the quantity and page count.
  6. After making sure the settings are right, you can now click “Print”.
  7. Your photos from the Print Order item are displayed in the Print Center app.
  8. Simply tap on the Print Order item to stop printing. The Print Summary will display as a result.
  9. At the bottom, you will see a “Cancel” button. Click to cancel.

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How to Print Photo from Your iPhone?

You may be wondering how to print it now that you understand how to set up the desired aspect ratio. Here, we’ll go over three simple methods for printing pictures from your iPhone.

Use Your Printer

The simplest method to print photos from your iPhone is probably to use your own printer. The picture can be printed using your printer after being transferred to your PC or Mac. The process is made even simpler if your printer supports AirPrint, a technology that enables wireless photo transfer to your printer.

There are a few matters you must first take care of though. For example, what type of printer do you have and how good is the photo printing quality of your print?

If the print quality is poor, it won’t be much use to you even if your printer supports AirPrint.

In addition, not everybody has a printer at home. This implies that you must purchase a printer if you intend to print frequently. Therefore, while using a printer is a practical solution, it might not be the best choice for you if you don’t have one.

A Local Print Shop

If there is a print shop nearby, chances are good that they have a good photo printer. In the event that you require photo printing but lack a printer of your own, you may also use their services. Although it may seem like an outdated method of operation, it is still effective today.

The best part of this process is that you can even send your photos in advance if the store owner knows you. In this manner, your photo will already be printed when you arrive. This might not be an option for you, though, if your area lacks a store that processes photos.

Photo Printing Services

The best course of action is to use an online photo printing service if none of the aforementioned options work for you. There are many apps available today that will print your photo and deliver it to your door. Kicksend, FreePrints, PostalPix, and other well-known applications are a few examples of popular ones for this.

However, keep in mind that some of these services demand a fee or a subscription. Some apps are also free; the only expense is the cost of shipping the photo. For those without access to a quality photo printer or a nearby photo processing shop, these apps are a godsend.

Apps That Can Help You Print Photos from iPhone

What are your options if you don’t have a printer or if your printer isn’t AirPrint-compatible in the interim? There is a workaround for that that won’t require you to spend a lot of money on a new printer. You can print photos from your iPhone using the apps listed below.

1. Shutterfly

With unlimited prints and storage, Shutterfly is at the top of our list. Therefore, you can print as many photos as you’d like. They offer free 4×4 and 4×6 images, but anything larger than that starts at $0.79 per image.

You can get a free 6×6 photo book every month from Shutterfly. Loyal customers claim that Shutterfly’s quality is what they value the most. On your iPhone, you can get the Shutterfly app for nothing.

2. Freeprints

Freeprints is another well-reviewed app that delivers printed photos to your door. Up to 85 4×6 photos from your iPad or iPhone may be printed for free each month using Freeprints.


Starting at $1.99 is the handling and shipping charge. With that sum, you can resize up to 20×30 photos and get an additional 4×6 photos. You have the option of glossy or matte paper as far as type is concerned. Because it makes it simple to print photos from social media, Freeprints is popular among iPhone users.

3. Print Studio

With many accolades such as being featured on “App of the Day” by the There is no mystery as to why Print Studio is a delightful printing app in the App Store. Practical tasks like large format prints and tear-away calendars can be printed, as well as almost anything else using Print Studio on an iPhone. It’s also not that difficult to print photos. Simply choose one of their print options, add your photos to their app, and then watch for your prints to arrive in the mail.

4. Snapfish

Snapfish is a reliable alternative to other quick printing apps. Every month, you can order more than 100 4×6 photos from Snapfish. You can upload a large number of photos from your social media accounts, iCloud, or the Photos app to their app. Then, using their selection of collage and album layouts, you can combine them in different ways. Better yet, you can order pictures in various sizes, ranging from small 20×30 pictures to wallet-sized ones. The most recent iOS 13 and Apple Pay are supported by the Snapfish app right now.

5. Printastic

Tagged as one of the “Best New Apps of 2015”, Excited families who want to preserve their memories for all time can order personalized photo books from Printastic. To create artistic collages and photo books, anyone can upload photos from their galleries, social media accounts, or Dropbox. Beautiful hardcovers with up to 200 pages are especially common on these books. Worldwide shipping is also an option for Printastic’s printed goods.


Can iPhone Photos Be Printed 4×6?

Liene is another example of a Portable photo printer that allows 4×6 image printout from your iPhone. For convenient printing, it supports WiFi and USB connectivity. A user can improve the quality of photos, add texts, and even apply borders using Liene’s own editing app!

How I Make My iPhone Pictures Fit 4×6?

  1. Open the picture in Photos that you want to resize.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, select the crop icon.
  4. The resize icon is located in the top right corner.
  5. Choose a ratio by scrolling through the available options.

Conclusion: Print 4×6 Photos from iPhone

We shouldn’t assume that printing our photos is difficult just because we can easily upload them to social media.

You can print 4×6 photos from an iPhone using AirPrint and the fantastic photo-printing apps we mentioned. You can keep physical remembrances of your pleasant memories.

You should be able to follow our instructions to print 4×6 photos on an iPhone, we hope.

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